2018 KBF Annual Memberships Dues

One membership per account, please. Each KBF member record requires a unique email address. If you're paying for a second family member or friend, pay your dues here and then set up a separate store account with the other person's email address to pay those dues. That way both of you will be on the KBF Member roster, and not just you (twice). Thanks for your cooperation.

2018 KBF Annual memberships run through December 31, 2018, regardless of the dues payment date. What benefits come with your KBF Membership?

  • Enrollment packet with an assortment of four KBF decals for your kayak and vehicle
  • Quarterly decal packs for Get S.O.M.E. promotional contests
  • Eligibility to compete in KBF Challenges and member-only tournaments throughout 2018
  • Eligibility for KBF Young Guns and for KBF Collegiate competition
  • 2018 KBF Angler of the Year points accrual
  • Opportunities to qualify for the 2019 KBF National Championship, 2018 KBF Challenge Championship, and 2018 KBF TRAIL Championship
  • Eligibility to register in BONUS BUCKS, KBF's contingency rewards program
  • Access to a growing list of discounts and member-only benefits

And as a member of the KBF Nation, you'll help to make Kayak Bass Fishing the world's leading kayak fishing information-sharing forum and tournament organization.

The two other Membership Level options are:

  1. 2018 KBF Annual Student Membership ($25/year for students in primary/secondary schools and those carrying a full-time class load in post-secondary schools [technical, trade, and academic institutions]. Please email evidence of enrollment to accounting@kayakbassfishing.com. Examples include a photo or scan of a valid student identification card, course registration, or class schedule.)
  2. KBF LIFETIME Membership ($500 one-time payment)


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