Teardrop Recoil Rig Field Kit

Most amazing lure action ever seen!

The half-ounce weights in this tackle pack is ideal for ponds, lakes, and low-current streams. The supply of durable SpecTastic shock cords, snaps, and swivels will keep you Recoil Rigging for weeks or months. The half-ounce teardrop-shaped sinkers in this kit are cast with Line-lock swivels to make them easy to attach to SpecTastic shock cords. Here's how to rig:

  1. Tie your fishing line to the round eye of a Line-lock swivel, or pass the fishing line through the eye for a slip-sinker rig.
  2. Insert one end of a SpecTastic™ shock cord through the V-shaped eye and then pull both ends of the shock cord toward the end of the eye to lock the cord in place.
  3. Lock the other end of the shock cord to the Line-lock clamp at the top of a teardrop sinker.

This field kit has enough components for many successful trips on the lake.


  • 18 x 5-inch SpecTastic Shock Cords
  • 6 x Line-lock Swivels
  • 5 x Half-ounce Teardrop Line=lock Weights
  • Model: S-204

Price: $15.00/pk


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